Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturiser 120ml. Single

Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturiser 120ml. Single


  • Nourishing and protecting
  • An all natural moisturiser to help promote healthy looking skin
  • Deeply penetrating and hydrating


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This wonderful pure virgin coconut is in solid form (until it reaches roughly 24 c where it will melt into liquid form). When it is gently massaged into the skin it acts like an oil and is absorbed easily leaving the skin soft without feeling too greasy. 

The oil is absorbed into the skin and into the cell structure of the connective tissues. Coconut oil is a widely loved ingredient due to its various skincare properties. It has been used to help balance oily, acne prone skin, help with scarring and also as a hydrating ingredient for use on mature and dry skin. What’s more, it smells divine, so it is a joy to use and add to other homemade blends and skincare remedies.


A versatile, multi-use ingredient; Virgin Coconut Oil can also be used as a wonderful hair conditioner. It helps soften the hair and condition the scalp, as well as helping soothe an irritated scalp. Using Virgin Coconut Oil as a pre-wash conditioner may also help to rid a person of dandruff

How to Use

To use as a moisturiser, simply use fingertips to gently massage desired amount onto the skin. Allow time to absorb. This wonderful ingredient can also be used as a massage oil, added to homemade skincare treatments / bespoke products or used on the hair as a conditioning treatment (the oil may need gently warming to allow it to melt before blending).

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Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturiser 120ml. Single


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