Hot Stone / Wave Stone Massage

Endulge Holistic Therapy in Southampton, England, offers the soothing and relaxing Hot Stone/Wave Stone Massage to provide deep muscle relaxation to those who need it.

During the therapy, smooth and heated stones are placed on specific points of the body, allowing the heat to penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues. The warmth and weight of the stones combined with the skilled therapist’s gentle massage techniques provide a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

This massage therapy is particularly beneficial for those who require muscle soothing after a deep tissue massage or for those who prefer a softer touch for their muscles. The warmth from the stones helps to increase blood flow and circulation, which can aid in reducing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

At Endulge Holistic Therapy, we strive to provide the highest quality care to our clients, ensuring they leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Our therapists are highly skilled and trained to provide a personalized experience that meets the unique needs of each client.