Full Leg & Brazilian (Ladies)/ Manzilian Gents)

This treatment involves the complete removal of hair from the hip joint down to the toes, as well as the pubic mound and intergluteal cleft, with the exception of a thin strip of hair on the pubic mound (known as the Playboy) or a small triangle/square (Brazilian/Manzilian). Hot wax is utilized for the procedure, with hot and warm wax used for the intergluteal cleft (butt crack). It is suitable for both ladies (Brazilian) and gents (Manzilian) who desire a smooth and hair-free look in their intimate areas.

Endulge Holistic Therapy (company name) offers this service in Southampton, England. The treatment is performed by experienced and professional estheticians who ensure a comfortable and hygienic procedure. Clients can expect to leave with smooth and hairless skin in the treated areas, with long-lasting results. The hot wax used in the treatment helps to prevent ingrown hairs and provides a more thorough and precise removal of hair. The team at Endulge Holistic Therapy recommends regular appointments for maintaining a consistently smooth and hair-free look.



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