Pregnancy Massage Treatments

Our pregnancy massage treatments give special attention to mum-to-be to help nurture the new life that grows inside. Pregnancy massage techniques are performed to melt away aches, pains and stresses which can develop during pregnancy, ensuring that the most overworked muscles are relaxed and the body is prepared for labour.

Book any of our individual pre / post natal massage treatments for a nice treat or book any of our tailored treatment packages for a more indulgent experience. Our pregnancy massage treatments are suitable to receive from week 12 of pregnancy and are recommended from once to twice a week before your delivery due date to improve your pregnancy and birth experience. Created to reduce levels of stress hormones and other complications that may arise during or after delivery.

Please note that we may require consent from your midwife or GP up to 10 days before birth date, and if there has been a history of miscarriages.

Pre / Post Pregnancy Massage 30min £45.00

Pre / Post Pregnancy Massage 60min £60.00

Pre / Post Pregnancy Massage 90min £80.00

Pre / Post Pregnancy Massage, Tone & Tan Package 60min £60.00


The Pampered Mum-To-Be Package 120min £96.00 (RRP £120.00)

Course Of 5 Pre / Post Pregnancy Massage 60min £200.00 (RRP £200.00)

Includes Prescriptive Facial, Pregnancy Back Massage, Spa Foot and Leg Pack and ORLY Gel FX Manicure or Pedicure

Course Of 5 Pre / Post Pregnancy Massage 90min £280.00 (RRP £350.00)


For a lovely way to spoil mum-to-be, treat her to this top to toe pampering treatment package that will fully relax and rejuvenate her. Gift vouchers are also available to order online.


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